In this age of grievous persecution on churches and Christians around the world, many have suffer under an enormous weight of losses. Everywhere there are reports of Christians being murdered in cold blood and what is reported is only a shadow of the real happening as the press suppress the information in order to avoid panic.

Day by day the persecution is on the increase as it is no more persecution by other religions but persecution by the government. in most countries, the Government frown at Christianity and have zero tolerance for it while other religions are flourishing in the same country.

This is not a time to rely on the government to save the church as they have become the devils tools against the end-time church.

Gospel Media Arena Network with its sophisticated media, will report happenings around the churches on real time and in details.with our technology, we will be in every church no matter how interior as long as there is internet facilities or smart phones. We will also aid churches that that are affect by the end-time battle and fight for the right of every christian.