GMA is a visionary of World leaders, Broadcasters, Gospel artists, Content Creators, Film makers, Agents, Executives, Bankers, Business leaders, Publishers, Entrepreneurs, Pastors and more, working together to push the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ forward as an unbeatable team, thereby helping the creative ones realize their dreams and succeed in their pursuit in every aspect, by creating the platform/Network  to spread Gospel music, films, TV Content, books, Messages and various other entertaining and informative programs around the world.


To be the biggest Gospel Network in the world with a state of the art media outfit serving the Christian community and serving as a vehicle to propagate the gospel to the interior parts of the earth.


To take the Gospel to the whole world, creating a platform to house all active sectors in the Christian community including entertainment, broadcasting, art and media where people can socialize and work together to reach the unsaved.


The foundation is an arm of GMA Network that takes care of the christian community by first being a voice against the christian right abuse and violation. We also have various outreaches and missions programs targeted at reaching the unsaved and protecting the saved. Our main causes are;

Reaching the Persecuted: We do our best to provide comfort for those suffering persecution in various part of the world where Christians are not tolerated. We grant them relief product and funds. we also create a rallying point for them on our network where other Christians around the world can lend support and give their voice to curb the effect of persecution in their location.

Feeding the hungry: We believe the more there’s availability of food, people will be more open to listening to the message of the love of Jesus Christ. So we provide food for locations where the issues they face is food related as most of them may never listen to the gospel on empty stomach. We feed them with food then with the message.