Every human being on the face of the earth regardless of their religion is supposed to be protected by their Government. Part of the responsibility of the Government is to maintain law and order, protect citizen rights and so on. The package does not exclude those who are religious. No government is formed on the basis of religion, the Government is not supposed to take sides in religious matter as what they are instituted for is to maintain law and order, to protect their citizen.

This days we see the Government failing it’s citizens, infarct, wiping away its citizens on the basis of religious believe and call it ethnic cleansing. This is not to rid it’s people of religion but to rid them of CHRISTIAN BELIEFS.

Christians all over the world have faced diverse persecutions and trials especially in countries with high Muslim population. Today, its not just the Arab countries that persecute Christians due to its rivalry with the Islamic religion but other countries with different religions like Hindu, Buddhism, etc. In countries where there are over 7 religions , only the christian religion suffer persecution. The argument between Islam and Christianity is no longer the basis for persecution for if it is then other religions would have suffered the same fate as the Christians because Islam would have declared them infidels and persecute them. Instead Islam and other religions across the world live in peace under the protection of their government only Christianity is being persecuted. This happen under the very noses of the government who took an oath to protect its citizen.

Should a tax paying Christian be a second class citizen in his/her country? Should a christian be denied his/her right to live in a country of his nativity just because he believes that Jesus Christ is Lord? How does the Christian’s believe affect the Government of a nation? What threat does being a christian pose to the Government of the world? Christians have been tagged the most peaceful religion in the world. The oppression on Christians is made so because Christians all over the world prefer to turn the other cheek other than fight even if turning the other cheek could mean death. Why would a religion with such harmless ideologies face such horrible attacks.Why is the Government silent over the maltreatment against the only religion that preach peace in it’s true sense for if Christians share the same believes as the Muslims no nations where Muslims and christian are will be governable.

We believe that every government owes its people protection and security regardless of their believes and as long as these believes don’t threaten national security or other people. If the Government can’t do their job because of Religious sentiments at least they should have the moral decency of doing it because they took an oath to protect not the Muslims or Hindus but the people. Everyone share equal right to live before the government and the government should not disregard its people’s trust because of religious sentiment.

Lets preach to government and be a voice for the persecuted around the world.


Gospel Artist and worship leader

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